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linkje1 Workshop For Corporates - "Fit For Future: A Refined Approach To Tax Risk Management"

Tuesday, 31 Januari 2019 - 9.00 AM - 6.30 PM London


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default A Plain English Guide to the UK Diverted Profits Tax

  • Understand the concept underlying the UK diverted profit tax;
  • Be able to make an initial assessment as to whether your UK activities have a risk of falling within scope of the UK diverted profit tax regulations;
  • Understand your notification and reporting obligations; and
  • Be clear of the timeframe within which you have to take action.

default The 2015 Transfer Pricing Challenge: automation of your “country-by-country” reporting

  • Address a practical way to source & automate Country by Country data collection
  • Provide all participants with a Country by Country instruction manual
  • Provide solutions on how to complete the 2 tables requested by the tax authorities
  • Provide disclosure options to be discussed with your CFO
  • Run a list of FAQ per category of stakeholders

default Pharmaceutical Mini-academy - 02. Structuring In-licensed IPRs

Should the MNE's in the pharmaceutical industry resort to in-license R&D from specialty shops and universities?

default Pharmaceutical Mini-academy - 01. The Pharmaceutical Patent Cliffs

What are the major business, transfer pricing and valuation aspects of 'patent cliffs' in the industry?

default Changing how you think about intangibles

Creating value for your company through active intangibles management.